"A Man Could Get Arrested"
West End Girls B-side
Song by Pet Shop Boys
from the album Alternative
Published 1985
Released 1985
Label Parlophone
Writer(s) Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe

The b-side for the second release of 'West End Girls'.

Release DateEdit

  • 28 October, 1985


This was another track that was originally recorded with Bobby Orlando but not released until later. The 12" version of this original cut was finished off by Neil and Chris after signing with EMI, and they went on to record a more complex and polished version for the 7".

The song was inspired, according to Neil, by "an incident with a friend of ours where we ended up being chased by these lads through Russell Square and onto Kingsway. Bottles were thrown; there were bottles smashing in the street...But I made the song into a story about someone who is trying to get his girlfriend to have it off with him, basically, and he's so frustrated that ... he's driven to distraction. It's a song about sexual frustration."

Trivia Edit

  • Neil and Chris recorded this originally in Bobby O's office studio, which was a far cry less advanced than his regular studio. They recorded it without his presence, as he was out of town, and this was a source of aggravation for the band.
  • The lyric "If you've got your health, you've got everything, that's what my doctor said..." is a direct quote from Bobby Orlando who claimed he never had sex with a woman unless she went to a doctor first. Another Orlando verbatim quote is, "of course I told her I loved her - not just 'cause she insisted'.
  • The bass part was recorded by Judie Tzuke's bassist John 'Rhino' Edwards who later went on to perfrom with Status Quo.

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