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Studio Versions
These versions were based on the Bobby Orlando production. The placement of the verses is in a different order than the subsequent versions, and there is no bridge. These versions tended to appear on the standard single releases in Europe.
4:09 A Man Could Get Arrested
also known as (12" mix), (12" b-side)
This version appeared on some West End Girls European 12" singles.
4:18 A Man Could Get Arrested
also known as (alternative version)
Slightly longer version that appeared on other 12" single releases and the Alternative b-sides compilation.
Produced by Pet Shop Boys. Co-produced by Bobby Orlando Mixed and engineered by Frank Roszak.
The song was completely revamped and reproduced some time after they signed with Parlophone, and the versions that follow were based on that production.
4:50 A Man Could Get Arrested
also known as (7" mix), (7" b-side)
This version was the b-side for many European 7" singles and the North American 12"s. It later appeared on the Please Further Listening edition.
5:37 A Man Could Get Arrested (Extended mix)
also known as (7" mix)
It's unclear where this version came from, but it is almost a minute longer than the previous one.
Produced by Stephen Spiro. Additional vocals by Margot Buchanan.

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