producer Bobby Orlando

Bobby Orlando is the New York Hi-NRG producer that is most notable for his association with Divine and The Flirts.

Bobby Orlando produced Pet Shop Boys earlier in their career. They had admired his work for quite some time, and when they began writing songs, had patterned their sound after songs he had recorded with Divine and others. While working at Smash Hits Magazine, Neil was sent to New York to interview Sting, and decided to seek out Bobby Orlando and play him some of the demos he had done with Chris.

Bobby decided to take them on and they began recording songs together. The contract was signed at the Apple Jack restaurant on August 19, 1984. Many of the songs produced at this time were not released but would appear on 'Please' and 'Actually'. They did release two singles under Bobby O's direction; 'West End Girls' and 'One More Chance'. They did fairly well on the charts, and satisfied the duo's initial fantasy, which was to have a hit single in the trendy London record shops.

When Pet Shop Boys split with Orlando in 1985, in order to get out of their contract with him, they agreed to a points deal which ensured that Orlando would receive a piece of the pie on all subsequent releases by the band under EMI.