Disco: The Remix Album

'Disco' was released following the album 'Please', and contained remixes of some of the singles and b-sides from 1986.

Release DetailsEdit

  • 17 November, 1986


Many of the tracks listed on the liner notes are not labelled as they should be, but the list below corresponds to the names of the actual versions as they were originally released. The 'Disco Mix' of West End Girls is actually a unique version on this release, in that it is the first part of the Shep Pettibone Dub tacked on to the last part of the Shep Pettibone Remix.

  1. 6:26 In The Night (extended mix)
  2. 8:55 Suburbia (the full horror)
  3. 5:30 Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (version latina)
  4. 8:35 Paninaro (italian remix)
  5. 7:35 Love Comes Quickly (shep pettibone mastermix)
  6. 9:04 West End Girls (disco mix)

Chart DetailsEdit

  • UK: #15
  • USA: #95
  • Denmark: #15
  • Netherlands: #7
  • Italy: #42
  • Hong Kong: #1


  • The all the album's photographs are actually still images from the 'Paninaro' video, which was shot by the band themselves.