Disco 3 is a remix album released after the band's Release studio album, and contains versions of the tracks from that album and also new material. It is the third release bearing the 'disco' name.

In contrast to the previous album Release, which was centered around more acoustic sounds and even country/folk sensibilities, Disco 3 is a return to the electronic genres fans had become used to.

Releases and Versions Edit

Disco 3 was released worldwide on CD and in the UK on vinyl in limited editions with different and unique tracks.

In the UK, the first batch of CDs had to be recalled as there was an audio glitch during 'Time On My Hands'. Additionally, there was an error in the barcode on the artwork that prevented sales of the CD from being reported accurately. Subsequent batches fixed the audio problem, but seemed to retain the incorrect bar code.

Track Listing Edit

3:53 Time On My Hands
4:02 Positive Role Model
4:47 Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man)
5:44 London (Thee Radikal Blaklite Edit)
3:28 Somebody Else's Business
6:13 Here (PSB New Extended Mix)
4:11 If Looks Could Kill