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Selected Single Release List Edit

For a more detailed list, see's entry.

UK 7" single (Parlophone R 6190)
The standard 7" release for most countries.
4:17 Domino Dancing
3:53 Don Juan
An alternate version of this release was issued with a double sleeve (12RS 6190).
UK 12" single (Parlophone 12R 6190)
The standard 12" release for most countries.
7:41 Domino Dancing (disco mix)
7:33 Don Juan (disco mix)
4:41 Domino Dancing (alternative mix)
UK 12" limited edition single (Parlophone 12RX 6190)
Limited edition 12" release for UK and the Netherlands.
5:53 Domino Dancing (base mix)
4:19 Don Juan (demo)
4:45 Domino Dancing (demo)
US 12" single (EMI V-56116)
US 12", and also some Argentine releases. Note the longer outro time for track three.
5:53 Domino Dancing (disco mix)
4:17 Domino Dancing
4:48 Domino Dancing (alternative mix)
4:45 Don Juan

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