The B-side to 'Domino Dancing'.

Release DateEdit

  • September 1988


Neil wrote this song on his own in 1978, well before he met Chris. It was meant to sound Spanish, which was why they revived it when it came time to to 'Domino Dancing'. The lyrics are very historically based, something that is prevalent in a lot of Neil's writing. "In the Balkans in the 1930s, they were caught between Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany leading up to World War II. They had all these funny monarchies. There was King Zog of Albania, King Boris of Bulgaria and Prince Paul, the Regent of Yugoslavia, and they were all trying not to be allied to Hitler while trying to stop Stalin annexe half their lands. Don Juan is supposed to be Hitler or Stalin but I could never quite work out which. I think it's Hitler."

Official VersionsEdit

written by Tennant/Lowe. produced by Pet Shop Boys. engineered by David Jacob. fairlight assistance by Chris Newman.

  • 3:53 Don Juan
  • 7:32 Don Juan (disco mix)

produced by Pet Shop Boys. engineered by Robert de la Garza.

  • 4:19 Don Juan (demo)