Track 5, from 'Actually'.

Release DateEdit

  • 7 September 1987 (album track)


Neil says this track was brought on after hearing Art Of Noise's 'Peter Gunn' in a club, and this is evident in the bass line. They admit to perhaps having borrowed from other sources as well, including Bananarama's 'Venus', 'I Am The Walrus' by John Lennon, and even a complete line from Abba's 'Money Money Money': "I've been working hard all day / To pay the bills I have to pay.' Neil: "Someone at the time suggested that I was obsessed with bills because I'd already mentioned them three times in songs." The half-tempo portion at the end was intended to be similar to 'Careless Whisper' by Wham!

The song, in part, is about the banality if pop music, and how it can be used as a crutch, "but it's really all about AIDS...though I sort of hid it at the same time. There were some more direct references, but I took them out because they weren't very good. It's about how sex had gone out of the entire nightclubbing ethos because of Aids. Nightclubbing is about sex, really, so when it's not, what's left?"

Official VersionsEdit

written by Tennant/Lowe. produced By Pet Shop Boys and Julian Mendelsohn.

  • 4:44 Hit Music

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