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Studio Versions
4:50 In The Night
Produced by Pet Shop Boys and Phil Harding. Fairlight programming by Blue Weaver.
6:26 In The Night (extended)
Although this was listed on the covers of many of the 1985 single releases of Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money), it was not actually released until it appeared on Disco in 1986.
Produced by Pet Shop Boys and Phil Harding. Remixed by Arthur Baker.
3:38 In The Night (7" edit version)
also known as (Arthur Baker remix/edit)
This special edit was released on a German 7" aa-side promo in 1987. An insert detailed a release of this as a single, but it was never actualized.
4:24 In The Night (Arthur Baker remix)
This remained unreleased until it appeared on the single to Paninaro 95.
Produced by Pet Shop Boys and Phil Harding. Engineered by Phil Harding. Remixed by Arthur Baker.
4:17 In The Night 1995
A completely updated instrumental version, featured on single releases of Before in 1996 and on the 2001 Further Listening editions of Bilingual. It was commissioned by the producers of BBC's 'The Clothes Show', as they had previously used the Arthur Baker version as their theme song, and wanted to revamp the show.
Produced by Pet Shop Boys. Engineered and mixed by Bob Kraushaar. Programmed by Pete Gleadall. Additional vocals by Sylvia Mason-James.

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