Release DateEdit

  • 7 September 1987 (album track)


Track 6, from 'Actually'.


The band worked with Ennio Morricone for this track, who was originally called upon to work on 'Jealousy'. He wasn't into working on that song, but instead wanted to work on something new. Angelo Badalamente did the string arrangement, but due to miscommunication, there was no orchestra booked to record the score, so the arrangement was done using a Fairlight synthesizer.

The song is very serious and sad: "The lyric is about this friend of mine who was diagnosed with having Aids. In the first verse we are all teenagers in Newcastle in the whole glam period, and the song describes the Newcastle scene: 'in six-inch heels quoting magazines' - we'd always buy Harpers & Queen. We were all very ambitious. 'Who do you think you are?' refers to the idea that gay people were too public...And then Aids comes along. I remember my friend and I discussing Aids, and how people said it wasn't going to develop in England like it had in America. We said it couldn't happen here."


  • The original lyric for the chorus was 'I thought we said / it couldn't happen here / just before it did' but it was taken out after Chris repeatedly laughed at it as it was being sung.

Official VersionsEdit

  • 5:17 It Couldn't Happen Here

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