"Jack The Lad"
Suburbia B-side
Song by Pet Shop Boys
from the album Alternative
Published 1986
Released 22 September, 1986
Label Parlophone
Writer(s) Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe

Along with 'Paninaro', 'Jack The Lad' was one of the B-sides to 'Suburbia'.


Neil penned this song, and states his inspiration came from both the song 'E=MC2' by Big Audio Dynamite (which had the lyric 'who do you think you are -- Jack the Lad?') and what he had recently read about Lawrence of Arabia. "The second verse refers to the fact that Lawrence of Arabia is supposed to have been homosexual - 'telling lies in public, breaking codes at home, underneath the blankets…' When I say, 'Are you only Jack the lad?', I'm saying: are you just messing about?" Oscar Wilde makes a referential cameo as well: "'To feast with panthers…' is a reference to Oscar Wilde who said that when he was going out with all these rent boys it was like feasting with panthers because they were all so dangerous and it was all likely to destroy him. Which, of course, it did."

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