'Jealousy' was the fourth and last single to be released from 'Behaviour. It was not released in North America. The b-side was 'Losing My Mind', a song written by Steven Sondheim, that they originally produced for Liza Minelli's 'Results' album.


Chris wrote the music for this in 1982 in his hometown of Blackpool. He says, "There was a piano at [my parent's] home, in the dining room, and I'd sit playing it. I would doodle, normally, and not be able to remember anything I'd done, and I'd think: I'm just wasting creative juices here...But one day I sat down at the piano and this just came out. It was probably meant to be a bit like that big ballad in the Seventies, 'You're A Lady' by Peter Skellern - 'you're a lady, I'm a man' - which was very popular with the Lowe family."

Chris made a tape of it and gave it to Neil early on in their association with each other. Fir the lyrics, they are as plain as the title of the song. Neil recalls: "When I first met Chris, my other friend called Chris was very jealous, and that inspired the song. My friend and I had an argument once where he said, about Chris Lowe, 'You see a lot of him, don't you?' because the other Chris was my official best friend and this wasn't a part of his life. I turned it into a story. It's about unrequited love. The 'strangers roaming the street' was about the King's Road at night."

Trivia Edit

  • 'Jealousy' was among two other songs that they recorded for their first ever demo session.
  • The string arrangement on the album version of the song is sampled strings played on a keyboard, whereas the single version contains a live orchestra.
  • The Extended version contains a soliloquy from Shakespear, read by Neil. It is from Othello, and is Iago's aside about jealousy just after he has alluded to Othello that his wife is unfaithful to him. Neil had to call Sir Ian McKellan to get information on how to pronounce one of the words.


In the video, Neil and Chris play and sing the song in a lounge where the attendees are demonstrating the results of jealousy. A woman makes eyes at another man (played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, later to star in The Mummy Returns, The Bourne Identity, Lost and Oz) who is also with someone, and a game of cards is heated up when evidence of cheating by a player becomes apparent. The video ends with all the attendees starting a brawl. The band's real life bodyguard makes a second cameo appearance at the end, when he closes the doors to the club.

Cover Versions by Other ArtistsEdit

  • 1997 Dubstar (EMI)
  • 2006 West End Girls