One More Chance (Bobby Orlando release)

Release DateEdit

  • 1984 (first version)
  • 1987 (second version) (album track)


Along with 'West End Girls', This song was released originally with Bobby Orlando. In America and Belgium, it was released as it's own single as the a-side, but in all other countries it was the b-side to 'West End Girls'.


The music for this song was originally culled from an unused backing track called 'Rock Me' that Bobby O was working on with Divine, another one of his artists. The lyrics are about paranoia, according to Neil: 'The idea of being chased by someone - the mafia are after you, like you're the patsy or something - and at the same time you're looking for your love.'

Trivia Edit

  • The original line for the bridge in the 1986 version was "'re so extreme / your silk-screened life shot through with bullets...' but was changed because this was considered too 'over the top'
  • The version heard on 'Actually' is actually the 12" remix by Julian Mendelsohn. During promotion for 'Actually', it was thought that 'One More Chance' would be a single. The Mendelsohn 7" remained unreleased until the 'Further Listening' release of Actually in 2001.

Official Versions - One More Chance - First Version (1984)Edit

  • 5:33 One More Chance (bobby o remix) remixed by Bobby O
  • 4:40 One More Chance (dub mix) remixed by Bobby O
  • 3:26 One More Chance (kordak mix) remixed by The Magnificent Kordak
  • 3:25 One More Chance (hurricane mix by tess - single version) remixed by Manfred Alois
  • 5:00 One More Chance (hurricane mix by tess - new remix '88) remixed by Manfred Alois
  • 8:04 Megamix: West End-Sunglasses/One More Chance/West End Girls

Official Versions - One More Chance - Second Version (1987)Edit

  • 5:28 One More Chance the Julian Mendelsohn 12" mix found on Actually
  • 3:49 One More Chance (seven-inch mix) released 2001 on Actually: Further Listening 1987-1988

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