'So Hard' was the first single released from 'Behaviour' and was released before the album. It was highly remixed and released in various formats. For the standard single releases, the original mixdown done by the band and Harold Faltermeyer was extended and remixed. Techno tweekers the KLF were brought on to do a remix as well, and one of the b-side, 'It Must Be Obvious' and those two tracks were released on limited edition record and CD. Rarer even than these are the remixes done by David Morales which were released only on German and US releases and promos.


Neil based this on a true story about one of his friends who came home and found his boyfriend in bed, with a used ashtray by the bedside, but he didn't smoke. "People get caught, I think, very much between their desire to have a permanent relationship and their desire to play around or whatever."

Trivia Edit

  • The band maintains that the 'so hard' innuendo wasn't intended to be a double-entendre. However, they don't object to it being perceived that way: "I quite like the fact that it's there," says Neil.
  • The KLF did very few remixes of other people's material; apart from favours to some of their regular collaborators, the only "outside" remix they ever did apart from the "So Hard" remix was a mix of Depeche Mode's "Policy of Truth". However, PSB and KLF had a mutual admiration (the original unreleased "White Room Soundtrack" LP - easily found as an internet bootleg - displays a huge PSB influence). Bill Drummond said "We did this remix of “So Hard” and Neil had to come down to Jimmy’s basement to record it. It was brilliant to meet him really. When he came he looked really normal, like a university lecturer but as soon as he opened his mouth to sing it’s like (clutches his heart) Wow, it’s Neil Tennant! In our basement!’ Then all that emotion of his voice really gets to you.


Filmed in black and white, this video follows two couples around town, and one of the girls is carrying on a secret affair with the other boy. There is also an extended version of this video, featured on the 'Pop Art' DVD.

Cover Versions by Other ArtistsEdit

  • 1994 Squareheads (Birdnest Records)