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Studio Versions
3:56 So Hard
also known as single version, album version
6:30 So Hard (extended dance mix)
also known as (extended mix)
5:00 So Hard (9" edit)
An edit of the 'extended dance mix' available on a US promo CD and also on the Mexican promo 7".
7:30 So Hard (dub)
5:14 So Hard (dub beats)
Only available on a Japanese promo CD.
Produced by Pet Shop Boys and Harold Faltermeyer. Engineered by Brian Reeves. Mixed by Julian Mendelsohn. Additional programming by Dominic Clarke.
5:27 So Hard (the KLF vs. the Pet Shop Boys)
Released in the UK and Germany on CD and 12". In the US, it was only available on a promo 12".
Produced by Pet Shop Boys and Harold Faltermeyer. Remodeled by The KLF.
3:25 So Hard (radio remix)
6:20 So Hard (12" remix)
7:42 So Hard (red zone mix)
4:00 So Hard (eclipse mix)
These remixes were released mainly in Germany and in the US on promo only.
Produced by Pet Shop Boys and Harold Faltermeyer. Additional production and remix by David Morales for Def Mix Productions. Engineered by David Sussman. Keyboards by Peter 'SKI' Schwartz and Eric Kupper. Percussion by David Morales.

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