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Studio Versions
The original production versions, as the one that appeared on Please.
5:07 Suburbia
also known as (album version)
Produced by Stephen Hague. Engineered by David Jacob.
These are the versions which were re-produced for the single release, the video and one of the tracks from Disco.
3:59 Suburbia (new version)
also known as (edited), (7" edit version), (edited version)
8:55 Suburbia (the full horror)
2:20 Suburbia (part two)
This was only featured on the 2x7" UK promo release. It is the section from 5:23 to 7:43 of The Full Horror.
5:11 Suburbia (video mix)
This was later released on the Pop Art 2xCD.
Produced by Julian Mendelsohn. Saxophone: Gary Barnacle Fairlight programming by Andy Richards.
The versions below were only available in the US on a special EMI promo.
7:10 Suburbia (club vocal mix)
7:58 Suburbia (dub version)
Produced by Julian Mendelsohn. Saxophone: Gary Barnacle. Remixed by Arthur Baker. Engineered by Don Wershba. Edited by Junior Vasquez.

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