Release DateEdit

  • September 1988


The b-side to 'Left To My Own Devices'.


'The Sound Of The Atom Splitting' was created on the spot as a compliment to the a-side of the single... specifically the line that goes "Debussy to a disco beat." Trevor Horn inspired the line in the first place, so they took the better part of an hour and used the drum pattern from 'Left To My Own Devices' and Neil played Debussy-esque chords over top of the chaos. The vocals were added later, and were inspired by a line from a film by Derek Jarman called "The Last of England": "A man says, 'What's that sound? It's the sound of the atom splitting'. I thought, 'That's a good line'. I thought the sound of the atom splitting was the sound of a nuclear explosion; the sound of the end of the world...The lyric is a dialogue between a fascist and a wet liberal. The right wing person is rather amused by the liberal because he's obviously so feeble he's never going to do anything."


  • The line about 'pinheads' was another quote from Bobby Orlando.

Official VersionsEdit

  • 3:37 The Sound Of The Atom Splitting
  • 5:13 The Sound Of The Atom Splitting (extended version)