Release DateEdit

  • 1984-1988


There were three songs recorded during the Bobby Orlando recording sessions that are essentially the same song. They are all loosely based on the chord progression for 'West End Girls', and don't have any lyrics in them. They were released between the period of 1984 and 1988 on various records and CDs Orlando commissioned.

Official Versions Edit

  • 3:59 Pet Shop Boys
  • 5:10 Pet Shop Boys [extended version]
  • 3:26 Pet Shop Boys [single edit]
  • 5:05 To The Pet Shop Boys
  • 3:56 Theme for the Pet Shop Boys (by the hurricanes)
  • 5:00 Theme For The Pet Shop Boys (part 1/remix '86)
  • 4:59 Theme For The Pet Shop Boys (part 2/remix '88)

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