Release DateEdit

  • October 1990


Track two from 'Behaviour'.


Originally written in 1986, this came about due to a rumour that the band might be asked to write the theme music for the James Bond movie, 'The Living Daylights'. They wrote this in preparation, but the rumour proved not to be true, and A Ha was chosen to write the theme instead. The lyrics did not reflect the spy motif of the movie thought, the composition was merely an exercise. "The words are about a dream I used to have that I was back in school doing exams in the sixth form, and thinking 'how can I possibly be back at school?'. And then I get told to get on with what I'm doing." Neil recounts the many rememberances he had going to catholic school, having to to benediction, playing football, and many other things he would rather have avoided. "I'm just saying I hated school, and I'm also getting revenge on my school, St Cuthbert's, for slagging me off in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle when 'It's a sin' came out."

Trivia Edit

  • Johnny Marr, formerly of The Smiths plays guitar on this track.
  • Russian samples abound on the track, including an excerpt from the 1936 Moscow trials, and Shostakovitch's second symphony.

Official VersionsEdit

  • 5:30 This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave (album version)
  • 7:23 This Must Be the Place I Waited Years To Leave (extended mix) UK limited releases of 'Jealousy'
  • 9:28 This Must Be the Place I Waited Years To Leave (full length extended mix) Japanese 'Behaviour' box set