Release DateEdit

  • 24 March, 1986 ('Please' album track)


Track 7 from 'Please'.


According to Neil, this song is about attending the club Heaven in London: "The idea that you can make a brief transitory excitement - fancying someone in a nightclub - into your whole life." Chris said that, "In the early Eighties everyone I knew sort of didn't work. Just got dressed up, lived on the dole, and got into clubs cheap - a life of living at night."

In 1989, the Boys loaned this song to Liza Minelli when they produced her 'Results' album. Her version was orchestral and very filmic.

Trivia Edit

  • The tubular bells on the track are real, not sampled, even though the Boys were against having real instruments on any of the tracks.
  • This was intended to be the follow up single to 'West End Girls' but after a poor reception of a performance of this on 'The Tube', they vetoed the idea in favour of 'Love Comes Quickly'.

Official Versions Edit

  • 4:30 Tonight Is Forever (album version)

Cover Versions by Other ArtistsEdit

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