Release DateEdit

  • 9 April. 1984

Chart PositionsEdit

  • UK: #121


The first official Pet Shop Boys release on a label was this track, produced by famed Hi-NRG mogul Bobby Orlando. It was not a huge hit in the Boys' home country, but it did fairly well in the States and in Italy. "West End Girls" was of course re-released in 1986 following their new contract with Parlophone Records, and the second release was a more polished and full sounding cut, and did much better than this first incarnation.

However, under the Bobby O influence, "West End Girls" was remixed and repackaged several times, saturating the world's record stores with multiple formats of this song, as well as the follow up, "One More Chance", and several instrumental b-sides including "Pet Shop Boys" and "Theme For The Pet Shop Boys" (essentially the same track). It was even megamixed all of the above tracks together with a version of Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night", that was covered by a German singer not otherwise involved with the band.

The Bobby O Version of the song also features a verse that is not heard in any of the band's subsequent versions. One of the couplets in the verse reads, "All your stopping, stalling and starting / Who do you think you are, Joe Stalin?"

Bobby O and his various affiliates continued to issue repackaged and remixed of these original songs until roughly the mid-nineties.

Official Versions - West End Girls (first release)Edit

  • 4:14 West End Girls [original 7" version]
  • 4:10 West End Girls [nouvelle version]
  • 3:23 West End Girls [nouvelle version edit]
  • 7:50 West End Girls (extended mix) [original extended version]
  • 5:00 West End Girls (extended mix) [original extended edit]
  • 5:10 Pet Shop Boys [extended version]
  • 7:32 West End - Sunglasses
  • 3:28 West End Girls (remix '86 single version)
  • 5:00 West End Girls (remix '86)
  • 8:04 Megamix: West End-Sunglasses/One More Chance/West End Girls
  • 5:40 Ultimate Mix: Sunglasses.../West End Girls/One More Chance
  • 7:08 West End Girls (acid house mix)
  • 6:15 West End Girls (james brown)
  • 7:46 West End Girls (original "epic" mix)
  • 8:17 West End Girls (montreal 12")
  • 5:33 West End Girls (montreal instrumental)
  • 6:49 West End Girls (montreal dub)
  • 4:09 West End Girls (montreal 7")

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