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'What Have I Done To Deserve This?' was the second track from Please, released one month before the album. The band collaborated with Dusty Springfield for this release.

Releases and Versions Edit

In the UK, the single was released on 7" and 12", but without the usual RX counterpart on vinyl. In the USA, the single was mainly coupled with Rent, which was not released there as a single in its own right.

Some of the Shep Pettibone remixes did not appear in Europe -- these mixes only appeared on North American vinyl releases.

in 1993, the single was released on CD as part of the mass singles reissue or that year.

Design and Packaging Edit

Mark Farrow headed up the design and Eric Watson planned the photo shoot for the cover. Using a photo pulled from Val Wilmer's archive, it was blown up and shot with the band in front of it. The motorcycle happened to be on the set and was a happy accident. Farrow remembers being disappointed that this shot was chosen for the cover as he felt it 'wasn't what the Pet Shop Boys were about.'

In the USA, at least one of the singles used a more minimalist typographical design, incorporating the motorcycle photo and the cover for Rent.

Videos Edit

Neil, Chris and Dusty perform the song alongside a chorus of showgirls, appearing to prepare for a performance. Chris specifically wanted to dance for this video, and does so 'off stage' in the film. Also, the trombone Chris plays in the video is his own.