Release DateEdit

  • 24 March, 1986 ('Please' album track)


Track 11 from 'Please'.


This track was originally recorded with Ron Dean Miller in New York, but this version was not the one featured on 'Please'. The song is about "settling down, compromise. If you will never find someone who you are totally in love with, who you are intellectually compatible with, physically compatible with, never going to get bored with sexually, is incredibly good-looking - if you're not going to find that person, you're probably going to settle for the person whom you're used to. It's the compromise of reaching middle age."

Trivia Edit

  • The original lyric for the refrain was "Why don't we live together now?" but the last word was taken out after suggested by Ron Dean Miller.
  • The song features the lyrics "for all the love we have and all the love we hide", which were also featured at the end of several version of 'Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)'.

Official Versions Edit

  • 4:44 Why Don't We Live Together (album version)
  • 5:14 Why Don't We Live Together? (original New York mix) recorded with Ron Dean Miller, featured on 'Please: Further Listening 1985-1986', 2001.

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